Forms of Imagining No.2, Project Press

Forms of Imagining No.2, Project Press

I’ve two pieces in Forms of Imagining No.2 from Project Press in Dublin.  One is a fairly long essay on Jesse Jones’s film The Spectre and The Sphere and the other is a transcript of a talk co-delivered with Brian Dillon for an event called ‘In the Dark’ curated by Tessa Giblin.

“All Humans Do”, essay accompanying a group exhibition curated by Aoife Tunney and Chris Fite Wassilak at Black Box, New York, and The Model, Sligo.

“All Humans Do” 1. Though its title has a sci-fi source – originating in the script for Andrei Tarkovsky’s solemn philosophical space-travel movie Solaris — let’s imagine, for a moment, All Humans Do as a type of tense, strange situation comedy. For here, first of all, is an appealing ensemble cast — a gathering of […]