From the archives: an essay on learning to love criticism

From the archives: an essay on learning to love criticism

This is a piece called ‘An Avalanche, A Transformation’ that was published by Circa Magazine in Ireland a few years ago. It’s a pretty nostalgic reflection on an exciting moment in music criticism that was influential as I made my first, faltering efforts to write about literature and art and other things when I was a student. The piece came up in a discussion with NCAD MA Art in the Contemporary World students recently


An essay accompanying Sarah Pierce’s ‘‘Towards a Newer Laocoön’ at NCAD Gallery

And so on and so on: seven non-synthesized quotes, conjectures and questions prompted by Sarah Pierce’s ‘Towards a Newer Laocoön’. 1. “Whenever this account appears to be in a fluid state in which differences in and adjustments to level play a part, we ask the reader’s indulgence, since there will always be stoppages, blockages, siltings, […]

Review of Sheila Hale’s Titian: His Life in the Sunday Business Post, 30/09/12

Titian: His Life, Sheila Hale (Harper Press) If you only read one biography of Titian this year it will almost certainly be by Sheila Hale. There is, after all, virtually no choice: the last serious biography of this High Renaissance master appeared, somewhat unbelievably, in 1877. While scholarly analyses of Titian’s profoundly influential, gorgeously radiant […]