Invisible Matter: On Willie Doherty’s ‘Ghost Story’ (2007)

Willie Doherty’s stunning film Secretion (commissioned for Documenta 13) has just opened at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. I’ll be inconversation with Willie about this work at IMMA on June 20th. The text below is on the earlier film Ghost Story. This film was one of three works shown in Willie’s solo exhibition […]

A short essay on Lothar Hempel … from a few years back

An essay from 2006 on the work of Lothar Hempel, written for the catalogue accompanying his Douglas Hyde Gallery exhibition ‘Casanova’. Lothar Hempel: The Crystal World “Rosemary had the detached false-and-exalted feeling of being on a set and guessed that everyone else present had that feeling too…”(i) There are moments — aren’t there? — […]

From the archives: an essay on Mamma Andersson

Essay for the catalogue accompanying the exhibition Cry by Karin Mamma Andersson at the Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin, 2009. CRY In Mamma Andersson’s sensuously ambiguous recent painting Cry, a pairing of powerful river-torrents seems to offer a surging evocation of natural, emotional or aesthetic release: two white waterfalls in full flood, streaming down the […]